Sunday, September 19, 2010


Honestly, I'm not sure what I want my site to look like.  I'll just be happy it's somewhat functional, I s'pose...

As far as navigation...well, I'd like it to be easy.  Straightforward.  I think the essentials are a button to take one back to the homepage and a button for contact information.  When I'm browsing sites, those are the two that I look for more often than not. 

Maybe I just want my site to be random and nearly-pointless.  I don't think I would necessarily want to use it to promote myself or my writing.  I guess I'm behind the times or just plain stupid, but I hate the idea of marketing one's self.  A writer's work should speak for itself.  You shouldn't needs gimmicks or flashy stuff unless your writing is terrible.  And in that case, pull out all the stops, man. 

But that's not what you do these days.  Now it's ALL about the self-promotion and celebrity and persona.  It's like the writing is on the back burner and it's more important to be interesting or eccentric or even plain fucking crazy. 

I blame you for some of this bullshit, man.

Whatever.  This is what you do, right?  Play along.  Ugh.

Anyway.  Easy navigation. 

Maybe a little row of houses at the top of the page, and as you click each one a mushroom cloud appears and just takes you to god-knows-where...

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