Sunday, September 12, 2010


I have never read Eat, Pray, Love and, honestly, I have no desire to do so.  I suppose, then, that one could say I am looking at Elizabeth Gilbert's site objectively, having no real opinions about her or her writing. 

Or not.  I have no real talent for being objective or fair or even mildly tactful.  In fact, expressing my desire to look no further than the cover of Gilbert's best-known work has just obliterated the notion that I have no opinion about her or her writing.  Anyway.

I don't care for Gilbert's site.  First of all, the colors are just...oh God, the colors.  My eyes.  I guess I might not mind the offensive brightness of it were I a bright person.  But honestly, how chipper would a person have to be to enjoy reading text set against a background the color of highly saturated urine?  Ha, I bet I was supposed to compare that shade of yellow to sunshine or flowers or some other happy shit...whatever.  Not only that, but the majority of the page is taken up by a a picture of Gilbert herself, who appears to be a giantess.  And who looks like she wants to eat me.  The horror!  I'm sorry, 

I wish I could have copied a picture of Gilbert's massive head...

As an easily confused person, I got extremely agitated when I clicked on one of Gilbert's images and, seemingly, not a damn thing happened.  Eventually I realized that the "new page" I was directed to simply looked exactly the same as the home page, but the text at the bottom had changed.  Ridiculous.  And speaking of text, the font annoyed me immensely. to improve this site? comment.  I have no constructive criticism for the gargantuan Elizabeth Gilbert.

Oh, and when you click on her huge head...broken link!  Enchanting.


  1. Oh, holy crap! You're right. That's scary. She has a really pointy nose. And I cannot, CANNOT believe she uses the notoriously terrible Comic Sans typeface! And it's not even consistent; the sidebar is in some serif typeface on the home page, but when you click on one of the links, the sidebar becomes Comic Sans. Not cool. Her squinty eyes and creepy smile don't help matters; this is a terrible website. Great find!

  2. I wrote about her website too, and her big head that served no function. It was the easiest website to pick as the most horrible.

  3. Wow, we seem to have similar opinions. Both Gilbert and McSweeney's? Scary. I don't get why anyone would want his or her head that big...

    I'm also with you on blogging as a whole. I've started several blogs before, but always reached a point where I rediscovered that I wasn't comfortable sharing my innermost writing thoughts with anyone but my paper-and-pen journal. Besides, I talk to my friends regularly. They hear my news from me, not a blog. I'm testing out playing around with a different blogging persona this semester, and I've gotten some amused feedback from those same friends, so we will see.