Sunday, September 19, 2010


To be all repetitive and shit, I'm not fond of this whole idea that I have to put myself out there in order to put my writing out there.  Whatever happened to the reclusive, hermit-y writers of yore?  


I would much prefer my site be more about my writing than about me.  I'm not interested in providing folks with a bio; save that for when I'm dead (if anything interesting ever happens in my life, that is).  If anyone wanted to know anything about me, I'd rather make the bastards work for it.

Anyway.  Even though the site would focus on my writing, I don't know that I'd necessarily want to put examples of my work up... 

Clearly, I have no idea what I want to do. 

Maybe I could just have a site where I post nothing but rants and bitchings (about writing, of course).  For example, I could moan endlessly about how much I hate dream sequences in writing.  I really don't give a good shit about characters' dreams.  If the characters and their actions are not interesting when they're awake and you have to rely on a dream to get your point across or make something happen...well, why don't you just put that story in a fucking shredder already?

See, I'm good at bitching...



  1. I agree on the putting yourself out there aspect as a writer. But since I am mainly a non-fiction writer... you'd think people hear enough about me, but I know from personal experience that once I read something about someone I like, I want to know more! And of course writers don't always have to write more than what they want. But again, as I said, I am right there with you on being a hermit and letting the writing speak for itself.

  2. I definitely agree about the hermit situation. It's not my intention to be a public figure, per se—doing interviews every other day, appearing on TV, etc. I just want to write, and hopefully people will see fit to read my stories or watch my shows/movies.

    Now for dreams: I've seen some terrible dream sequences (e.g., I caught the tail end of One Tree Hill's awful season premier last week while I was waiting for Life Unexpected to come on), so I'll give you that one. I'm kind of divided on dreams, myself. That said, I do find dreams interesting, IF they are conveyed correctly. I like psychology and the idea of the subconscious, and I think there are definitely right and wrong ways (as well as circumstances) to present them. I haven't managed to latch onto the right way or story for myself just yet, but I've seen some really awesome dream sequences that—while, yes, they are "tricky" or even "trippy"—manage to tell a story in such a way that, when real life hits, the character becomes more three-dimensional and relatable than ever before. One pretty good, though not perfect, example is the 2nd season premier of Ugly Betty.

  3. A good DAYdream sequence can be found in the 2nd season premier of Everwood.