Wednesday, November 10, 2010


On the way to Georgia, my friend Tykia began reading aloud from an article in Glamour.  An absolutely infuriating article, I must say.

This article featured a woman who sued her ex-boyfriend for giving her HPV.  And she fucking won.  It's idiotic.  First of all, I equate this with people who sue cigarette companies because they got cancer.  Everyone is aware by now of the risks involved when having unprotected sex, and I doubt you can watch more than an hour of television without seeing a PSA about HPV.  Second, the woman actually stated that she saw lesions on the guy's penis.  And she didn't say anything.  What the fucking fuck? 

So, anyway...I just think this is one of those things that makes all women look like moronic twats.  It's a step backwards for the gender.  This dumbass kept referring to herself as a "strong woman", etc., but I think she's a lunatic.  The fact that the editors at Glamour thought that this woman's story was a.) worth printing at all and b.) something that other women would find inspiring or whatever is beyond frustrating.



  1. That is ridiculous...I'm pretty broke I think I need to find something crazy to sue someone for. Fucking lawsuit-happy Americans. BTW why the heck were you writing a blog at 5:10am. Sleep!

  2. I'm not sure if the times are right on these blogs. Sometimes they're not; it's frustrating.

    Anyway, uh, yeah. BULLSHIT. A step backward for feminism, disguised as a story of a "powerful" woman; this is really just the story of a greedy American who made a mistake and doesn't want to pay for it herself.