Sunday, October 24, 2010


La la la...

I am going to shoot video of...I don't know.  Random shit.  Things here, things there.  Things everywhere.  Nonsense.  I can title the movie, "Boring Life in Small Apartment with Cat, accompanied by Disgruntled Mutterings about Bullshit."  Maybe I'll shoot video as I drive down the interstate.  The film will end when I rear-end somebody, jump out of my car, drop to my knees and scream to the heavens, "POURQUOI?!"  Shaking my fists the whole time, of course.  Dramatic effect and all that.

I was going to dress up as Carrie for Halloween, but now I'm going to dress up as Drunk, Pissed-Off Person.  But for anyone out there who is going to go as Carrie, I just want you to know: you may have spent the time and money to pour blood all over yourself and shove a tiara on your head, but you'll never be able to match my desire to kill people with my mind.

Die, you assholes!

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