Friday, October 15, 2010


In the dream, I was ______ ________.  I had come to a man's house to steal money from him, and he came home as I was standing in his kitchen.  I went out on the window ledge to hide, but I was very drunk, so I almost fell.  He saw me and laughed-- one would expect this sort of thing from ______ ________.  A woman pulled me in and carried me down a hallway.  Suddenly, I was carrying her.  I laid her on a bed, and decided that the time was right to tell her I was ill.  And then I wasn't ______ anymore.  I became ______'s son, standing in the corner, watching.  And ______ told the woman about his illness, and told her that he would be okay.  And in the corner, as ______'s son, I began to cry, because I knew he was wrong-- he would not be okay, he was dying.  And then I was ______ ________ again, looking at the corner where I thought I had seen someone and where there was now no one, and I turned and looked back at the woman on the bed.  She was a blackened, burned corpse.

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