Friday, October 1, 2010


Apparently, when a whale dies in the ocean, most of its body sinks to the ocean floor.  Its blubber, however, rises to the surface of the ocean and sits there, rotting in the sun, while birds peck at it.  In a Shark Week documentary, I watched as a crew drove their boat up to this pile of floating fat.  Great White sharks were chomping on the meat and one of the crew members climbed out of the boat and onto the rotting whale blubber and sat there and watched as the sharks ate around him.

I want to do that.  Seriously.  I want to sit on a piece of stinking whale-corpse and watch as Great Whites rip apart the tissue from around me.  Or I'll settle for going down in a shark cage.  Either way, I want to see a Great White.  It's #1 on my bucket list.

Just putting that out there, for anyone who was wondering what to get me for my birthday...



  1. Always glad to hear stories about how shark week has changed people's lives. It makes my days of entering source footage feel worthwhile. If you give me your resume I will pass it along to Discovery's shark swimming department, it's very competitive. But when you're doing what you love (i.e. standing on whalecarcus) it's hardly work.

  2. Live every week like its Shark Week!-Tracy Jordan

    My sister has sworn to drag me along for the cage diving when she faces a Great White. I myself rather like just watching them via television, but, if I live, I'll be glad I've done it. Of course, it won't compare to sitting on rotting whale as it is eaten out from under me by said terrifying shark. But I've made my peace with that.

  3. Oh, crap. I didn't save enough money...