Sunday, December 5, 2010


This is what happens whenever I have any sort of assignment due:

I make a plan far in advance of the assignment's due date.  I decide on what I want to do and how I want to do it, and I tell myself that it'll all get done ahead of schedule because I'm prepared.

Inevitably and usually a day or two before the assignment is due, I decide I hate everything I've done.  I decide this even if I have weeks invested in something and it's 99.9% finished.  I decide that there's nothing to do but completely start over.

I delete all prior work and begin anew, only to realize that I'm an asshole for doing this because now it's all being done last-minute and that will definitely be reflected in what I end up with.

Despite this feeling of being a dumbass, I will do this every single goddamn time.  I am very predictable this way.

So, yes.  It's happened again.  I made significant headway with my project for this class and was nearly finished when I decided I loathed the story.  I mean, I still loathe the story I started with.  There's no way I would turn that in.  But now it's getting close to my bed time (I'm old) and about two hours ago I decided that I wanted to go with a new story and a completely new way of telling it (project is being done via facebook.  And it's not good.  Shut up).  So...whatever.  I like the new story better, at least.  But don't expect to be wowed during our presentations.


  1. That's okay. My hypertext story isn't great. It's cliché-ridden and underdeveloped, but I justify it by telling myself I'm going to do revisions beyond this class. Lots and lots of revisions.