Monday, December 6, 2010


I guess I'll jump on the ol' bandwagon and alert everyone to my official last post of the semester.

Depsite my vast legion of fans (all quivering with anticipation as to what I'll write next, I'm sure), I will not be continuing this blog.  I think I made a valiant effort (or at least I made one at all) but alas, I am not a blogger.

I don't feel the need to make updates about the mundane activities in my life.  I don't think anyone needs to know my opinion about the latest movie or TV show when they can visit professional websites dedicated to these topics.  I refuse to post stories or even excerpts of stories online.  I'm much better at complaining in person.  And lastly, I just don't fucking feel like it.

If other people want to blog, well, that's just dandy.  But it ain't for me. 

I don't feel like my blog (or 75% of the blogs that exist) fills any kind of void.  Almost everyone has access to the internet now, and half of those people probably have a blog or online journal or fledgling website.  Which means all those people feel important and are most likely hoping for some sort of fame or recognition.  And since we live in the Age of the Celebrity, I'd guess that quite of few of them will get their wishes and garner book deals or at least some cold hard cash from advertisers.

But I don't want to be a part of that.  Like I said many moons ago, there is a difference between a blogger and writer, and I would prefer to be known as the latter.

If I can't find any success with my writing, then maybe as a last resort I'll give in to the self-promotion and self-publishing bullshit.  And am I looking down my nose at this stuff?  Hell yes.  I don't care if it makes me sound like a jackass. 

So...anyway.  The end.  Goodbye.  It's been real. 


  1. On the whole I think you're right. It's tempting to throw myself into the Blogging World in the hopes of snagging the sort of book deal Cake Wrecks and Zooborns and so on have managed, but it's so vanishingly unlikely.

    However, the internet is vast and it's generally my view that people who want to read my stuff will find and read it, and people who don't will never bother to do so. I witter on the internet because in some fora I have friends I like to discuss things with--but that's not this class blog.

  2. I feel exactly the way you do about blogging and "the blogesphere." Good to know that I'm not along in this.

    And I am filled with dred at the whole idea of blogging and maintaining a blog as a class assignment this semester.